Softness in the Twilight

A very busy day of teaching, writing and working with others.

Wrapped up the post dinner twilight hour with a bowl of Reiner Blend 71: Long Golden Flake in an Old German Markus Fohr Fountain Clay (black).

Many years ago, when I first took up the pipe, I did not care much for Virginia’s. Years later, after having returned to the world of the pipe, I discovered a new appreciation for Virginia Tobacco.

I had tried the Reiners way back when and it didn’t resonate with me.

Today, it is a very different experience.

Sweet and soft, gentle flavored with floral notes, I sat out in the cool twilight, sipping and tasting, connecting to pipe, tobacco, air, wind, fire, the earth and the heaven’s. This was a Sacred moment and I offered prayers and blessings in the smoke.

One of the beauties of a Clay Pipe is that it really forces you to slow way down on your cadence and your draw. Therefore, each sip becomes an adventure because a single strand of tobacco brings out subtle shades of flavor based on ignition rate, pairing with neighboring strands, cooling verses heating, draw control…it really is a master lesson on using a thimble size fireplace that is cooking the most delicate of dishes.



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