The taste of Vulcanite in the afternoon

I enjoy a pipe after my lunch, as it is the biggest meal of my day and it allows me to ground before I embark on the second part of my day. I am usually up at 4 a.m. doing my “work behind the scenes” and I’m usually engaged with either writing or Dear Ones during the morning hours.

After lunch, I settle down, prepare a pipe and connect to many things during these moments.

Sometimes, I am driven by the tobacco. And sometimes, the particular pipe. Today, it was the pipe. However, I was also in the mood for G.L. Pease Montgomery, which I recently discovered. It reminds me of a toned down version of one of my favorite tobaccos back when I over indulged in my piping. That tobacco was, Germain’s Brown Flake.

Today, I packed a pipe that has been a wonderful pipe in the past…a freehand (though it is really more of a freeform variation of a sloping Zulu).

Now I have been getting to know Montgomery very well over the past five days…it has been my tobacco de jour every day, tasted and sipped and appreciated in clays and one briar pipe. This was the first time in this particular pipe.

As I began the journey today, I noticed different flavors coming up.

No I maintain my pipes and clean them every night before I go to bed. I also rotate them. This particular pipe had not been used for at least three weeks.

I come inside from the near freezing patio, get one of my wide bowled clays, and add Montgomery in it. At the char, I immediately know what I was tasting.


Yep, the taste of freshly laid down rubber on asphalt.

Now, I do have a nose that can make a blood hound blush. And my palette is quite evolved. However, this was magnified because of the daily use of clay pipes.


I looked at the pipes in my rotation and discovered that there are 7 pipes with vulcanite stems.

A quick look-se and I realized these 7 can be replaced by two with acrylic stems with ease and some of the tobaccos dedicated to the vulcanite stemmed beauties are also smoked with clays.

Long story short, the herd has been reduced, a couple of new pipes are entering into the rotation and my clay pipes (currently a dozen of them) are all gathered on the wall rack I made for them, smiling with a “We told you so” attitude.

Anyone looking for some barely used pipes?

Let me know from below…pay for shipping and they are yours.





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