Moving onward…

After the discovery of vulcanite yesterday, I brought out one of my Ropp Vintage briar pipes with a horn stem. I love Ropp pipes, and in particular the bone stemmed ones. For today’s test, I filled it up with C&D Derringer, a 100% Virginia blend.

Previously, I had tried a few other blends with this pipe, but nothing really danced all that well with it. Acting on inspiration, I came up with this paring.

Glad I listen to Inspiration.

The tobacco sang in this pipe today.

Ahh, but what of the clay pipe you may ask…

Well, once this pipe went out, I then fired up a black Old German Marus Fohr Talon clay. And the nuances between the pipes emerged. I then toggled between the two pipes, sipping merrily as I edited the upcoming magazine for January that I’m publishing.

This was not mindless sipping while working. Instead, the flavors, the sips, all drew me in. I observed the rising smoke and sought guidance to the words that emerged on the screen. This is good in many ways!

I completed the Ropp and then completed the clay, deposited the ashes into a plate, read them and then after thanking the tobacco, came back inside.

So, it appears the Ropp found a dance partner and the clay pipe was very happy to be warmed up today.

Later this evening, both pipes were once again called for a dance. This time with C&D Yorktown.

Ropp danced exceptionally well and the Clay, well Clay pipes dance with pretty much any tobacco with effortless ease.

Until tomorrow Dear Ones!


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