A tasteless Tasting Pipe

A new briar came today: a Tsuge Tasting Pipe. It’s a beautifully engineered black sandblasted pot with a hefty bowl size of 1.6 inch depth by .91 inch ID.


Loaded it up with C&D Virginia Gentleman and tasted…nothing!

Poured that out and then tried C&D Derringer. Again, tasted nothing!

Repeated the above process and this time put in Burley Flake #5, and again…nothing!


Tasted these same tobaccos in two clays. Had flavor there…hmmm.

Rested the pipe and then returned with Pegasus. Nothing!

Dear Lord!

Next up, Odessa…taste! Yeah! But only at the char! What the…

30 minutes later…Briar Fox. And shit howdy…nothing!

So, I had a clay of Briar Fox…well at least there’s some flavor there!

Rested the taste-buds. Had some supper, looked at the opened tins and listened to the little voice inside: “C&D Bluegrass.”

“O.k. final try.”

First put some in a clay to make sure it wasn’t me.

Nope, not me. Rich, penetrating flavor, the Kentucky shining through.

“Be good pipe!” A smaller pack, a char light…

Heavenly hosts above, I’m tasting C&D Bluegrass!

It’s not nearly as intense as in a much smaller, well defined clay, but at least it’s on the flavor trail.

Needless to say, this beautifully engineered pipe (it must have the finest venturi flow of any pipe I own) took to strong puffing (this is not a dainty pipe, that’s for certain) and it is the first pipe that will require diligent break-in period. (I also have a Tsuge Tasting Billiard that loves anything I put into it. It took off like a rocket from the first use).

Now the hard part…I certainly don’t want to smoke a tobacco that tastes like nothing while this pipe goes through teething like a toddler.

So, I guess the one and only tin of Bluegrass will be the nurse maiden for a while. The only other tobacco in my rotation with similar ingredients is C&D Burley Flake #1. I’ll give that one a try after some larger bowls of Bluegrass has passed through this “Tasting” pipe.

Feels like I’m raising an young one again.

This is the beauty of a clay pipe: when you buy one and you adopted a grown up!



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